It Starts…

Hi world. It’s me again. It’s been about five years since I’ve formally blogged. I’ve owned this domain for about 7.5 years and was never really too sure what I planned to do with until about six months ago when I hatched the slow-moving plan to launch a new blog. I’ll be honest, I seriously procrastinated on this project and finally decided that I needed to launch this by the end of the year. What I procrastinated on for 6+ months was finished in a few short days.

When I first started writing my thoughts and sharing them on the Internet, it was 2004 and the world was very different. Not only that, I was very different. The thing about the Internet is it’s revocable. Once you publish those words, they’re out there for bots to cache and someone to screenshot, and your deletion of it matters not in the least. But that’s not the only thing that frightens me. The other thing that held me back a bit from launching a new blog is social media. The speed at which something can be shared with masses of people is at times amazing and at times rather frightening. Just a few months ago,  a piece I wrote was published on Mashable and even though that was a few months ago, I receive on average of 2-3 emails a day about that piece. Being someone who can be brash, blunt, and prone to write first, think through second, I don’t often trust myself on the Internet.

But that’s what you’re here for, right? The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I plan to post Monday-Friday if not for anyone else reading, but simply for me. Writing is a discipline and one I’ve become severely lazy in. Siditty is a blog about life. There is no specific niche or area of focus. Everything I write flows out of my life and who I am. I decided to also include a lifestyle section to house my love of all things related to style, beauty, and home. But the focus around here will always be quality content. I realized last time I blogged that a good number of readers were male and my goal is not to alienate them by telling you about my favorite lipsticks within the main body of the website.

Thanks for reading and hope you’ll stick around. It’s gonna be fun around here.