Quite Possibly the Best Pair of Boots I’ve Ever Owned

ZFRY137_DOUBLE_LGIf you’ve never heard of the Frye Company — it’s a formerly family owned, now conglomerate owned boot manufacturer. Their boots rule the boot school. Seriously.

I eyed the Frye ‘Melissa’ Button boots for about two years, not allowing myself to pull the trigger on nearly $400 boots. I don’t have a problem paying for high quality. It’s not so much the price (okay, maybe a teeny bit), but more about the principle that they needed to be on sale. Because When you’re going to spend nearly $400 on boots, you feel better about the trajectory of your savings account if you at least get somewhat of a discount. The problem is that Frye’s so rarely go on sale. Like ever. Like I stalked those boots for two years straight and I can’t remember them ever going on sale. So I moved on with my life and bought other brands – Donald Pliner, Enzo Anglioni, Franco Sarto, Sam Edelman, Steve Madden (who by the way, is a convicted felon as portrayed in the movie I don’t recommend anyone see because it has more foul words than you’ve probably heard in an entire year called “Wolf of Walstreet). They were all just “okay.” Donald Pliner shoes are always comfy, but everything else was just blah.

Around the time of my birthday last fall, my husband asked me what I wanted and given that I usually can’t think of a single thing to ask for, I thought long and hard and declared I needed, er, wanted those Frye boots.

A few events transpired and Saks 5th Avenue was having their annual friends and family sale, offering 20% off most things. In an attempt to be competitive, Nordstrom announced they were price matching items found both at Saks and Nordstrom which meant ta-dah, my beloved boots were now 20% off. It was a sign from God. Not really.

Long story short, I acquired these bad boys around the time of my birthday thanks to my wonderful husband and they are every bit the awesomeness I’d hoped they’d be.

Mine are in the Cognac color pictured to the right, and now I want them in every color. They are absolutely fabulous. Cognac is very versatile and I would wear them every day if I didn’t have some restraint. They’re pull-on boots (which I like), and they do come in extended calf if lack of a zipper scares you. The top cut of the boot is what really make them unique in my book. I’m a short person, so boots that go too high up on my leg tend to cut me off and make me look shorter. I love how the little “v” dip in this boot really elongates the leg. That sounds crazy, but it really does. They go with everything — pants, leggings, skirts, dresses — they are super comfortable, and because the craftsmanship of Frye boots is so high, they actually seem to look better the more they’re worn and age. That’s good leather for ya.

The only problem is…let’s just say I now have a mild obsession:

Screenshot 2015-01-08 01.06.10ambrainboots
That picture of me on the right, rocking my Fryes is cropped. But it’s even more obnoxious un-cropped. If you saw it un-cropped you’d see four of my dear coworkers, also posing in the same position, wearing the same boots. Because we’re awesome. So yeah, if you have the chance, get thee some Fryes. Their products are among some of the best I’ve ever purchased. This has been a public service announcement. Oh, and 6pm.com seems to always have a good selection of deeply discounted Frye’s from last season (like I care), including some other colors of the Melissa Button boots I noticed.