Q: Why the name, “Siditty?” What does that even mean?

A: It’s a made up slang word well before my time. Defined it means: uppity, bourgeois, snobbish or pretentious. There is something very tongue and cheek about taking a negative and spinning it — provided the word isn’t derogatory to begin with. (That was for the n-word defenders). “Siditty” is a term I first heard reading Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” where she wrote,

“St. Louis teachers, on the other hand, tended to act very “siditty” and talked down to their students from the lofty heights of education and whitefolks’ enunciation.”

It’s sometimes spelled “seditty” or “saditty,” but it’s all the same. An acquaintance of mine used to have a website called “Luscious and Uppity,” and I just loved it. If you can call yourself uppity yet not take yourself too seriously, you’ve won at life.

Q: What’s your comment policy?

A: I’m so glad you didn’t ask. But here it is anyway. Last time I blogged, I realized the need to adopt a policy when I got tired of policing the comments section for foul language. Sorry to be so kindergarten. Most people don’t need to be told not to swear on this blog. This is for those who do. This blog is a private entity. So I get to set the rules. There are millions of websites out there. Yet, you’ve chosen to come here, and by doing so, you subject yourself to the rules of the land. If you wish not to be subjected to such rules, you may kindly click that little ‘x’ in the upper right hand corner. Or in modern terms, “there’s the door”.

For starters, let’s use a little common sense. The author of this website does not use profane language or expletives, now why in the world would you? That’s what I thought. Comments containing profanity or foul language will be edited and possibly deleted. Frequent offenders will be banned from commenting but not without a warning. This is the Internet. You have plenty of time to think before you type.

Lastly, this website is to be kept “kosher” at all times. Lewd or inappropriate topics are not to be discussed unless initiated by a particular post, but trust me, this will never happen. Chime in, opine, disagree, do what you do best, just be respectful of each other. The youth of America are reading what you write.

Q: What is your privacy policy?

A: No one is asking this but I’m putting it here anyway. For funsies.

Any personal information you share, including your name, email, address, blood type, eye color, chromosomal makeup, dog’s name, underwear size, yadda will NEVER be given or sold to anyone.

For purposes of monitoring traffic to this website I do at times collect certain information about the visitors to this site such as browser, operating system, IP address, and country. This is a fairly standard practice for traffic monitoring. This information is purely used to track this site’s popularity. Should this blog ever go to an advertising revenue model, such information may be used for the purposes of providing advertisers with visitor statistics and demographics.