Hi, stranger. Welcome. Siditty is a blog covering the gamut from op-ed essays to politics, parenting, pop culture, recipes, and beauty. Writing/content always comes first here. Everything else is secondary so I highlight the words I’ve written above and lifestyle related posts will always be down below. My hope is this will help people who come here purely for one thing or another to find what they’re looking for.

My name is Ambra Benjamin and you’ve stumbled across my brain dump on the Internet. I’m a millennial (just barely) living in Seattle — land of Starbucks, Microsoft, white people, and my two personal enemies: apathy and passive aggression. You should come visit.

Quintessential Seattle photo – flannel and Starbucks

I’ve spent the better part of my career working for some of the top companies in the US — the cushy ones that offer free food and create entitled, spoiled brats like me. I’ve wracked up a lot of experience in my field and I share a lot of advice and opinions on various mediums on the Internet. Each one reach one, right?

I turned to writing after I dropped out of my fancy (and overpriced) private university and abandoned my plans to become an attorney and felt the need to document my catharsis on the world wide web — way before narcissism was all the rage. After college, blogging was a means of expression and self-discovery which oddly found its way to politics. If there’s one thing this world does not need, it’s another person writing about politics. Particularly one like myself who thinks Democrats and Republicans more closely resemble crips and bloods, than reputable political parties. Today, I write about everything under the sun from current events to career advice to fashion.

I’m happily married eight years to a man who shares a name with a famous rapper and is an even bigger germophobe than I am. Together, we’re entrepreneurs, writers, public speakers, youth pastors, and we have two awesome kids and a mediocre dog. I call myself a preppy hippie with hood tendencies. So I’m a working mom. I homeschool. I nursed my kids until they were two-years-old and made homemade baby food. I adore the Bible. I wear pearl earrings and prefer Kate Spade bags and Hunter wellies but I’d don’t mind getting dirty. I listen to hip hop, voted for a Republican governor, and am fully willing to take my pearl earrings off if you talk about my mama, or run up too quickly on me in the dark. In other words, don’t put me in one of your boxes. I love Jesus, bacon, and Nutella. In that order.

For the credential-ish stuff – My writing has been featured on Forbes, Mashable, Huffington Post (much to my chagrin), Levo League, Entrepreneur, The Independent, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The New Black Magazine, Modesty Zone, Seaspot, and other fun places. I’ve been a frequent guest on NPR’s “News & Notes”, appeared on the Tyra Banks Show, and co-hosted a podcast called “Politickin’ Radio.” And yet despite all this, my proudest achievement was low key stalking Henry Louis Gates, Jr. when he was in Seattle to get him to write me a college recommendation at Harvard. P.S. I didn’t get in.

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